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DWTS long gown dress Season 16: Week 2 Costume Critique From the front, I enjoyed Cheryl's pale mint green chiffon Quick Step costume, but I was NOT impressed with the back. She seemed to be channeling Taylor Swift's recent Grammy Awards red carpet gown. But there were no elastic straps across the back of Taylor's white gown. The ruching was beautifully done, but I'm not sold on the white ‘Easter Cross' detailing. D.L.'s steps improved (thank goodness!) but his basic shirt and pant costume was pretty boring. Maybe next week his outfit will improve as much as his footwork did, this week.

First off, let me say that I am really disappointed swimwear manufacturer that Dorothy can no longer compete on Dancing With the Stars: Season 16. And judging by the fact that she and Tristan were not going home – even after her abysmal performance Monday night – many of you will also be missing her.

I wasn't disappointed costume manufacturer with this week's costuming, however. I was expecting more interesting ‘boy' costumes and the show delivered! The ‘reveal' of costuming happens when the couples march down the staircase, especially in these first few shows when each dancer only dons one costume.

Yes, I was disappointed with a few offerings, but for the most part, a really great visual treat! I was able to catch the show right after viewing Dayton's (oops…I mean Macy's) spring flower show in downtown Minneapolis. Now that was a visual AND aromatic treat!

My favorite couple-costumes this week, were worn by Andy Sharna, Zendaya Val, Victor and Lindsay and Jacoby Karina. My least favorite boy costumes were worn by Sean and Derek.

My husband asked me if Andy's costume looked like an Uncle Sam costume. He had it right! Instead of red, white and blue, Andy opted for red, white and black with his outrageous Mad Hatter look (cartoonish and Edwardian). His brocade-trimmed short jacket and vest were paired with wild striped trousers.

This couple is going for ‘entertainment' as Andy has little dance experience, and their costuming fit well with their excessive stage props. They definitely stood out, and didn't get lost on the dance floor! Sharna wore a fun Mad Hatter/Lady Gaga inspired, over-the-top Jazz costume with cropped skirt with exposed wire petticoat, revealing bedazzled briefs. Her rigid, high collar has cropped up in several of Satin Stitches' dance team designs recently. This couple was dressed perfectly for their routine, in my book!

I loved Zendaya's oh-so flattering, gold fringed Jive costume. Of course she looked long and lean, but so would most every body in this very flattering costume. Besides the asymmetry of this design, I loved that the longer fringe was keep at the hemline, so that when dancing, the visual fullness was created there, NOT at the torso. I also enjoyed the addition of the silver zig-zagged fringe at the neckline and silver trimmed fringe at the hem, leaving a more fluid torso section. Anytime you have details that cause emphasis on the neckline and hemline of a dress of ANY kind, you are creating a more flattering (for ANYONE) design. This costume gets a perfect score.

Val wore all black, but his high-rise pinstriped trousers were fun, worn with a pin-tucked, black shirt. He was a nice accessory for Zendaya.

Victor rates a perfect score for his red pin-striped vest and trousers. Adding spats, a white hat and a rhinestoned bow-tie accessorized his ensemble perfectly. Lindsay was dynamite in her glitzy, short red dress with matching ostrich feathers at the hem-nearly perfect. I loved the monochromatic look for the couple. Her sweetheart neckline and cold-shoulder sleeves with real straps, were attractive details. The only imperfection seemed to be that she looked totally straight up-and-down, mind you a very pretty and petite straight up-and-down! For a larger, less svelte body, adding more neckline decoration could create more emphasis on the upper bodice and thusly create no notice to a straight up-and-down figure.

Another perfect costume this week, was Kellie's spare Jazz costume and OK, maybe Derek was perfect in his ‘costume' (or lack there of). His tight belted (did I say tight?) jeans were a non-costume, but did seem to accompany Kellie's killer costume, well. Her mirror embellished bustier (with real straps) was stunning and her 40's inspired (and oh, so current) low-legline black bedazzled briefs coordinated well.

Peta's Jive, yellow 40's bathing suit look was fun. The floral print, high-rise waistline and very modest low-legline briefs are 40's inspirations. The addition of fringe was tasteful and attractive. I can't say the same thing about Sean's lifeguard outfit, which I found totally unattractive and he gets my ‘worst costume' award this week. Really, sweat pants? For a costumed dance performance?

Although they started out really hokey with the giant raincoat that hid Jacoby (I really have no idea why – it didn't make any sense to me!) I truly enjoyed the matching bright yellow plaid men's trousers and suspenders worn by Karina and Jacoby. Their tops and hats didn't match, but made a nice contrast. Karina's suspenders were encrusted with rhinestones, and she wore a full-backed, cute little white eyelet, ruffled bra-top, while Jacoby stayed manly, with his plain white shirt and matching, yellow striped necktie. Did you notice the menswear tucks and stitched creases in both dancers' trousers? Stitched creases keep the nice sharp pressed line in costume pants. I was very happy with their costuming and gave them both ‘nearly perfect'.

The costumes that were OK, but nothing special include the Quick Step costumes worn by show-opening couple, Kym and Ingo. Ingo wore a ‘regulation' black vest and pant ensemble to coordinate with Kym's 40's and 50's inspired halter bra-top and petticoated white organza circle skirt. The black floral and feather appliques were nice touches, although her look was pretty minimalist.

Dorothy's black glittering Chantilly lace over white, Jive costume was pretty ordinary, doing nothing to distract the judging of her poor footwork. I liked the use of the lace border at her hemline and neckline, but didn't enjoy the plain tulle netting stuck around her neck to hide halter straps. Tristan's colorful costume totally outshone Dorothy, with whimsical fabric patterns (large window-pane plaid, and stripes) and vibrant colors in his ensemble. They seemed mismatched, visually. Tristan would have been better suited (pun, intended!) in something black to coordinate with Dorothy.

Wynonna was somewhat flattered in her ‘mall cop' Quick Step ensemble. I have a soft spot for her, as her shape is similar to mine (unfortunately) with the ‘barrel' or ‘apple' silhouette. What is the best way to camouflage this shape? NEVER call attention to the waistline, as we really do not HAVE a waistline. The focal point of all costumes and regular street apparel needs to be the neckline and/or hemline. We just need to hope that everyone's eye skims over everything in between!

Wynonna wore leggings (she has great legs) and an extra long vest. You saw her shape, but the low-cut neckline featuring her bedazzled bra (with substantial cleavage) to keep your eyes above the bustline rather than searching for lumps and bumps elsewhere. Tony coordinated with Wynonna nicely, wearing a similar, yet more manly ‘mall cop' costume. Quick Step usually evokes a ‘ballroom' style gown as a costume, but these costumes worked, for their performance.

Alexandra and Mark wore more traditional Quick Step costumes for their routine. Mark chose a bright blue, double-breasted jacket to brighten up the stage, coordinating with his traditional black pant-white shirt and his quirky spats and hat. While I thought that Alexandra's dress was more flattering than her last week's overly-fringed costume, I wasn't thrilled with it. The good features included the fluid, bright blue charmeuse multi-lengthed skirt, a deep ‘V' waistline to emphasize her waist (yes, she has one) and deep ‘V' neckline with shoulder detailing. The lace trimming on her mesh bodice was mostly attractive. After some thought, I think that the placement of the appliques on her bodice seemed to emphasize her large, round bustline, and I think this was somewhat distracting. The neckline created a too-deep look. A more dainty lace trimming at her upper neckline could have been used with more concentrated rhinestoning/beading to keep the focal point up and away from her midriff and bustline would have been more flattering to her.

I ‘have issues' with Lisa‘s fuchsia flight attendant garb for her and Gleb's Jive. Her bodice styling is 1940's but the circle skirt is the 1950's. I'm having trouble ‘jiving' both eras together in one costume! Maybe it's because at Satin Stitches this year, we created several ‘Pan Am'stewardess looks that had a slim, 1960's feel to them. The pilot uniform seemed like a no-brainer to coordinate with flight attendant togs, but unbuttoning it to nearly the navel didn't add to the ambiance, for me.

Next week is ‘Prom' week, which sounds a little scary! I just watched a Project Runway Prom dress design challenge, and it was indeed, a little scary, as the gowns needed to be made of Duck tape. I'm forever hopeful that Dancing With the Stars costuming will be inspiring, so bring on Week 3!