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DWTS long gown dress Season 16: Week 2 Costume Critique From the front, I enjoyed Cheryl's pale mint green chiffon Quick Step costume, but I was NOT impressed with the back. She seemed to be channeling Taylor Swift's recent Grammy Awards red carpet gown. But there were no elastic straps across the back of Taylor's white gown. The ruching was beautifully done, but I'm not sold on the white ‘Easter Cross' detailing. D.L.'s steps improved (thank goodness!) but his basic shirt and pant costume was pretty boring. Maybe next week his outfit will improve as much as his footwork did, this week.

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DWTS halloween costumes outlet Season 20: Week 1 Costume Critique Rumer and Val closed out week 1 with a fabulous Foxtrot. Val was wearing a non-costume of untucked white shirt and black pants, but Rumer was in a yummy dusty pink, slinky gown with long mesh sleeves and stunningly beautiful beaded or rhinestoned appliques on her shoulders and accenting her deep front neckline. Her costume was sexy yet classy and she danced beautifully. It was one of my favorites of the week.

Here in Minnesota, we got a taste lingerie manufacturer china of spring last week with some above average temperatures and now, with the start of the 20th season of ‘Dancing with the Stars', we're getting some above average dancing and above average costuming.

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DWTS corsets wholesale Season 24 Week 2 Costume Critique Normani and Val danced a rousing Cha Cha with layers and layers of rayon fringe on Normani's bright yellow costume. I LOVED how the fringe was attached in a non-straight line – you can see it in the photo. Her matching yellow cut-out and criss-crossing bodice was banded with white for emphasis, all with thousands of rhinestones and real straps. Val's black satin jacket featured narrow yellow banding, giving it a sporty look with a back waistline tab thrown in for extra fun. All the costumes were above par this week, but this couple's costumes were my favorite.

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