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DWTS halloween costumes outlet Season 20: Week 1 Costume Critique Rumer and Val closed out week 1 with a fabulous Foxtrot. Val was wearing a non-costume of untucked white shirt and black pants, but Rumer was in a yummy dusty pink, slinky gown with long mesh sleeves and stunningly beautiful beaded or rhinestoned appliques on her shoulders and accenting her deep front neckline. Her costume was sexy yet classy and she danced beautifully. It was one of my favorites of the week.

Here in Minnesota, we got a taste lingerie manufacturer china of spring last week with some above average temperatures and now, with the start of the 20th season of ‘Dancing with the Stars', we're getting some above average dancing and above average costuming.

Willow and Mark started the show with a underwear manufacturer china Cha Cha performance. Being a very youthful competitor at just 14 years old, the costumers need to keep Willow's outfits modest and fun. Her hot pink and bright yellow fringed dress was modest and glitzy but, overall pretty ho-hum. Really, the most exciting aspect of this pair's costuming was the vivid flower print pocket on Mark's white shirt.

Robert and Kym spiced up their Cha Cha with a transforming costume (in one shade of grey), after both starting off with ‘office apparel'. Robert quickly shed his jacket and Kym removed her skirt to reveal a silver fringed middle-connect costume - a beautiful design with a nice combo of fringe, paillettes and glitz – including rhinestoned straps. Robert's vest displayed a classy rhinestoned pattern. This was my favorite costumed pair this week.

Riker and Allison danced the Jive with very non-traditional ‘Jive' costumes. The black details on Riker's white shirt impressed me, but his ordinary black leather jacket and black jeans were nothing special. What WAS special, however, was Allison's black leather-like jacket and pleated skirt, with biker inspired chains, studs and stones. Completing her look was thigh-high stockings and heels. It was hip, yet classy and I LOVED it!

Charlotte and Keo danced a lively Jive in blue, with everyone checking on their ‘bounce'. The costumers did an excellent job of reining in Charlotte's best assets and created a modest (OK, as modest as possible) 2-piece costume created with lots of lace, feathers and glitz. The costume flattered her shape, with an asymmetrical feather treatment that I enjoyed – except that there were too many long feathers at her neck – which were distracting. I noticed one nude strap (hopefully it was strong) that was used to help create the asymmetrical look and was mostly camouflaged with her long locks, so it didn't bother me.

I love the drama of Patti's cape, which I thought was tossed off too early. I would have liked to see more of it, but I can understand how it would have interfered with her and Artem's Foxtrot. Her golden gown was lovely with rhinestoned mesh sleeves and a flattering, age-appropriate neckline outlined with large gems and with fringe creating a lovely ‘V' image. Artem wore a traditional black suit with a white wing-tip collared shirt.

Chris and Witney Jived to a country-inspired routine to play up his ‘farmer' image. Witney's white cotton petticoated, dirndl-skirted dress had just the right amount of glitz, straps and country accessories. I've never been a plaid shirt fan, but the sprinkling of rhinestones on Chris' shirt added a nice amount of glitz – creating a true costume, rather than just ‘farmer togs'.

Michael Peta performed the Cha Cha in matching purple. Peta's modestly cut teddy/leotard incorporated bustier banding details and added a touch of ‘naughty' with the fringe circling the legs of her modestly cut leg-line. Michael's satin shirt was trimmed with a sprinkling of matching rhinestones on his collar and suspenders.

Derek was wooed back for this season because of being paired with Nastia. The couple danced the Foxtrot with Derek wearing a very traditional black tailcoat tuxedo with white shirt and tie. Nastia's understated silhouette included a bedazzled bodice and lots of fabulously stoned straps and gloves, with larger green gems accenting her neckline. Her simple skirt was adorned with tufts of feathers which added texture, especially with movement.

Redfoo and Emma danced the Cha Cha in wild animal-printed costumes, as we could have anticipated! The jade, pink and purple color combination on white was very pleasing to my eye, giving it a very fresh look. Adding rhinestones to Emma's leotard added the glitz factor, and organza ‘showgirl' ruffles, along with the plunging front neckline and open back added a lot of pizazz!

Another fun Cha Cha was danced by Noah and Sharna. Old Hollywood glamor was the inspiration for Sharna's showgirl styled costume, the skirt with modesty drape on the front and circle skirt on the back. The upper portion of her costume was a beautiful middle-connect bodice with beautifully stoned straps. Her skirt was a lavender, very fluid satin charmeuse which matched Noah's lavender shirt. Scattered rhinestones added glitz across his shoulders.

Suzanne and Tony danced a fitness-inspired Cha Cha routine in very scary retro outfits. Oh my! Suzanne stepped right out of the 80's with her shiny nude-toned tights, French-cut briefs cut to a belted natural waistline (yes that is REALLY the waist location) and bright leg-warmers. Tony…oh my…did guys really wear leggings, running shorts and big-hole mesh crop tops?? (Yes, they did, unfortunately!)