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Forum dan Komunitas Pertanian Indonesia -

Forum dan Komunitas Pertanian Indonesia - - As we know that agriculture is a very essential thing in a country. Strong agricultural life in developed countries is not the result of a year's effort in two years such as turning the palm of the hand. These developments and processes are long over time in the history of development in those countries.

There is a slogan that says the country will be strong if the farm is strong. Given, agriculture will be very closely related to the fulfillment of food needs that if not met then it will threaten the economic, social and political stability of a country.

Even in the United States alone during President Abraham Lincoln said that the United States would be a big and powerful country if the country's citizens become the owner of the country. This is a picture of the government's attention to farmers in order to have enough land to farm and to live their families.

Importance of Discussion Forum for Farmers

For most farmers, discussion is a rare and even unfamiliar alien thing. But for farmers who are Healthy Agriculture Indonesia (PSI) it is common and become a culture. In farmer groups Forum dan Komunitas Pertanian Indonesia -" Or group meetings are held once a week and for the Farmers Group (Inpoktan) once a month.

The agenda of farmer group meetings is to discuss the development of agricultural activities that are carried out and the problems faced and alternative solutions. In addition, program counterparts at certain times also provide new information or other information related to program activities.

Petanipun is quite active in the discussion when discussing alternative solutions to their farming problems. Like at a meeting at one of the farmer groups a few weeks ago. Sajid (PSI assisted farmer) said in the discussion, "Last season I was confused and had run out of ways to overcome the pests of the pest, the various pesticides have been tried but the result just does not work."