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How many earn the President? President of Lithuania, or the salary?

As the Lithuanian presidential election approaching, I think many conceived and how they earn LR President

Maybe the answer to this question will become clearer to us why so many people's way into these positions. What is it? Way to satisfy your ego? The aim of his autobiography to cut another line? (Candidate for President of the Republic of Lithuania - did not sound good?)

All have heard about NEEDS PIRAMIDĖ - rementis this theory Lithuania people making this post is :

• People seeking to meet their needs fizeologinius - mindless of the state, their goal of Lithuanian President taught salary

• People seeking to secure their own safety

• Browse incomes sufficient, secure financial stability for themselves and their children - in this case, the main purpose of self - need to be recognized, the desire to escape by any means

• Do people with a perfect personality - such people have long passed the first three stages of the pyramid - and only such a man may seek to use Nessus, and the states - to be true patriots, others worry about

How do you think of our candidates in the country's president, the real goal is to ..........

To return to the topic, not at all surprising that įsisiūbuojant election, many people interested in the company - and what is still the President of the Republic of Lithuania salary

And a growing number of search engines as google query President's salary , or How much the president earns

Here's the answer:

President of the Republic of Lithuania In 2008, the average monthly earned on 19,000.00 zł popular Taranto "in the hands of" the net of fees.

Leeches should not be forgotten truth about the much debated kancialerines costs. Civil servant can afford to supplement the range of 70% of the monthly salary. Minister, President neišimtis him a month on average for about 6000.00 Ls entertainment.

The aggregation of all goes to the year 2008 Lithuania average salary of the President of 25,000.00 €.

Taken the initiative of new president in times of crisis to reduce the salary to 15 percent. And families that supported the idea, the newly elected President of the Republic of Lithuania can be expected on 21,000.00 zł salary.

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