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How To Use Avocado Oil As A Hair Mask

Many of you may have heard about using Oil Of Avocado as a face mask.

But have you ever thought that they could really help nourish the hair strands to the way hair mask. capabilities this avocado oil, has become the ideal choice in making natural hair masks.

These oils are able to penetrate deep into the hair follicles, and this is the reason many people use hair mask with avocado oil.

Here we will take a variety of ways to make simple hair mask using avocado oil. Here is the recipe:

Ingredients you need:

1-2 scoop of avocado oil
1 Spoon of honey
1 Spoon of olive oil
1 egg (white part only)

Make sure the materials you use, good quality and fresh. And then start this procedure by mixing all the ingredients mentioned above and apply it to the hair. Wait for 5-6 minutes and wash it off with water.

Was already an article about the advantages and benefits of avocado oil for hair growth quickly, safely and naturally. For those of you that are difficult to find avocado oil. You also can still do natural hair with avocado fruit. Please read "how to care for natural hair with Avocado Fruit plus recipes".