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D. Grybauskaite gay? NO! I am not a lesbian

All the half-mouth spoke of a possible non-traditional Grybauskaité sexual orentaciją.

Total to start V. Žuko speech. O and the D. Grybauskaite often determined by the following sentences, which can be interpreted in different ways. On the other hand, if people hear what you wish to hear, not what they say?

All have heard the words during the press konferrencija "... I always was different , another school, another at work ........ "

We also remember the press made mention of friendship with another woman.
A number of intriguing and very high public interest ....

Finally, D. Grybauskaite organized Delfi conference responded to all the interesting questions.
When asked whether the Dalia Grybauskaite gay, it just pale replied that it is not a lesbian.

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