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Parents of Dalia Grybauskaitė

All very interesting, what D. Her parents?
Here's your answer:

Vitaly Korsakaitė 1922m - 1989m.
Born Biržų the area, the village Latvelių
Grew modest family, worked in a shop

Father 1928m. - 2008.

He was born in Kedainiai district
Worked for the electrics, then 20 years before retirement working driver

„Dalia Grybauskaitė tells about his father“

LR President - D. Grybauskaite - Is the cat in bag?

As already "was written" is very strange on the Lithuanian land where all the choir screams We are the , we have for the .....

After all, such a tradition in Lithuania, where there is competition, or different interests, always begin with mud splash.

And up to now everything was clear as the palm. What's the most juodinamas, engiamas and every other koneveikiamas or regular raises the daylight scandals, skandaliukai, so it is a win-win side.

Hence it is supported by fact aponentas Lithuanian rulers, in fact the money.
And not even have to doubt the results.

But those of the Republic of Lithuania and the historic presidential election is totally different from other elections. It is difficult to adapt the above-mentioned scheme. Here it's different ...

Indeed we have to be naive and believe that the planet "Earth" become a better and better oasis Lithuania?


From fifteen candidates to be candidates for President of the Republic of Lithuania remained in 7 (seven) able to climb over the first barrier .

More than half the candidates failed to gather the necessary 20 signatures of thousands of electors. Chief Electoral Commission has registered all the participants of the candidates, President of the Republic of Lithuania who managed to provide the necessary amount of signatures , with one exception - unregistered A. Valinskas who voluntarily withdrew from further fighting . A. President sees Valinkas LR D. Grybauskaite.

Applicants to the President of the Republic of Lithuania:

What will be the President of the Republic of Lithuania? - Poll results

What a win-win presidential elections in Lithuania? What will be the new President of the Republic of Lithuania

This question has been asked earlier this year when it was not clear what the relationship to participate in the presidential election.

LR PRESIDENT site was to offer 15 possible contenders for the presidency.

LR PRESIDENT site survey shows that the Lithuanian presidential election, the largest number of votes collected by European Commissioner Dalia Grybauskaite , which receive 73 percent . of the respondents support.

Nation's Resurrection Party leader A. Valinskas receive 4 percent. of the respondents support.

3-6 place pretendantai shared the following: V. Mazuronis, G. Nausėda, A. Zuokas, Č. Jezersko they are all gathered under 3 percent. respondents votes

Can a short list of contenders for the presidency after the 2009 April 8 days?

Under the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania and The Law on Election can not participate in elections, citizens who are incapable to recognize the court.

Therefore, Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries in 2009 8 April High Electoral Commission will provide sensitive personal data about individuals, the court recognized incapable.

In view of the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries of the data, the Lithuanian chief election commission will be in 2009 Presidential elections in the Republic of Lithuania and the European Parliament elections in the electoral lists. Court to recognize the incapable person would be deleted from the electoral lists, so they will not be able to participate in the elections.

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How many signatures gathered pretendantai for president ?

Tuesday, Day 2, the last day of the bidders to the Minister at the President had to submit 20 tūkstačių them remenčių citizen signatures.

As already known from the media really nevisiems able to go beyond this barrier.

The preliminary number of signatures submitted VRK:

V. Mazuronis - 34'494,00
A. Butkevičius - 32'418,00
D. Grybauskaitė - 36'030,00
V. Tomaševičius - 36'980,00
L. Graužinienė - 33'575,00
Č. Jezerskas - 27'100,00
K. Prunskienė - 25'060,00
A. Valinskas - 21'080,00
Z. Vaišvila - 19'397,00
J. Jankauskas - 17'000,00
A. Pilvelis - 280,00
A. Matuliavičius - 0 (reported that does not)
V. Kundrotas - 0
V. Sadauskas - 0

Presidential candidate - a candidate to be the contenders for the President of the Republic

Note that the Chief Election Commission will accept proposals for a candidate to Lithuania
President of the Republic from 2009. February 26 date to 2009. March 13.

High Electoral Commission documents pridavė:

1. V. MAZURONIS - „Tvarka ir teisingumas“
2. Č. JEZERSKAS– „Independent Candidates“
3. A. VALINSKAS– „Tautos prisikėlimo partija“
4. D. PRUNSKIENĖ– „Lietuvos valstiečių liaudininkų sąjunga“

Presidential candidates - Algirdas Pilvelis

Since A. Pilvelis not to stage elections in the Republic of Lithuania Przidento more information about this policy did not.

We offer the video to see:

A. Pilvelis want to be registered in her D.Grybauskaitės

We recommend that you read:

How A. Pilvelis gathered signatures
A reminder of what was to become a candidate pretendetai the President of the Republic of Lithuania
Candidates for the President of the Republic of Lithuania

Presidential candidates - Arunas Valinskas

Nation's Resurrection Party (TPP) leader, parliamentary chairman Arunas Valinskas held a press conference claimed that withdraws from the fight for the presidential post.
Nation's Resurrection Party, Arunas Valinskas, the short turn, the candidate of the maintenance.

As a citizen of Arunas Valinskas support D. Grybauskaite.
President of Parliament, said that the Lithuanian president is already part of regional Grybauskaite.

Minister of Presidential elections - SIGNATURE COLLECTION - Advertising. Activism.

Candidates expressed their willingness to become President of the Republic of Lithuania and presented the necessary documents Chief Election Commission, after inspection, or comply with the requirements receive special collection of signatures sheets.

Thus began the presidential election campaign the company, you will hear a series of campaigns, advertising, and without neapseisime Uncommercial!

Voters nix!

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