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Presidential candidates - Petras Aukštrevičius

About Peter Aukštrevičiaus possibility or desire to participate in the Ministry of Presidential elections pokolkas negirdėti. It seems like all the candidates are waiting for the last day, as well as monitor competitors' future moves.

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new comer to the Republic of Lithuania, President
MEPs Laima Andrikienė refused to increase the salary
for part of her participation in the presidential election
D. Grybauskaite
EXPERIENCE, CRISIS, AND A. Brazauskas reverence
Candidates for president - Laima Andrikienė

Presidential candidates - Laima Andrikienė

In various speeches, comments, reports can be a view that Laima Andrikienė is determined, and would like to participate in the Ministry of Presidential elections.

But it is a responsible citizen wants to get the TS-LKD party opinion (decision). But if the party decides to support another candidate for President of the Republic of Lithuania, Laima Andrikienė nenuleis hands and ask people's opinion. Try to collect 20,000 signatures.

And only then finally apsipręs, to apply to the President of the Republic of Lithuania.
As it is said, "Those who know me well, knows that before taking any decision, making a statement that is always good thoughts, speak not idly, not speak about what neišmanau - more sneaky. Elgiausi as always , as elgsiuosi in the future. "

Questioned: "What Propose Lithuanian people, however, if you choose to participate in the presidential election?
She replied:


What is the most important political event this year? No doubt the Lithuanian presidential election!
Presidential elections provide for the May 17 th.

And how long we will have to wait for a list of candidates?

According to the electoral law, wishing to be candidates may begin to provide the documents from the February 26 date. Last Day of March 13 - th.

Until March 13, the day the candidates have to submit VRK (High Election Commission) at least 20,000 signatures supporting the Lithuanian population of its candidate in elections.
2009 04 17 February no less important date, the President of the Republic of Lithuania Election campaigns start of the campaign.

Gerb. Voter provide rhetorical question: Is it too much hope is placed in the Lithuanian presidential election?

Do you remember - LITHUANIA - Parliamentary or Presidential Member?

What can we expect from the new President of the Republic of Lithuania?

Laima Andrikienė refused to increase wages

Laima Andrikienė rejected any salary increase, asking for the account of its term of office until the end of each month to transfer the same amount of salary, which benefited from the family until 2009 beginning, namely the to wage increases - 3984.67 Litas. "Throughout the remainder of 2009, January, I posted part of the salary - more than 4 thousand. LTL - Lithuania request a transfer of political prisoners and exiles union Siauliu department. Request, to whom and what amounts to transfer in 2009 February, March and other months before the end of its term of office, send later, when the Republic of Lithuania, with the Minister of Constitutional Court's interpretation of family members of the salaries, decide on the matter, and some will be clear in what amounts to dispose of the said months. ", - reads L . Andrikienė statement, the Office of the Seimas.

New applicants to the President of the Republic of Lithuania

Here is received and the knowledge of the new people who promise to take part in the Lithuanian presidential election.

Vilma said about the intention of the panel.
This is a 41-year-old Klaipėdietė, lawyer, mother - to rear two children.

Of their intention to participate in the presidential elections in the Republic of Lithuania informed the media išsiuntinėjusi email. e-mail.

Since it is holiday time, it shall refrain from comments, and more with the media do not
Waiting to return from Egypt.

Officially the intention to participate in the presidential elections are held only party Order and Justice "First Vice-President Valentinas Mazuronis. About the opportunity to participate in the elections is pasvarstę and Laima Andrikienė, Dalia Grybauskaite, Česlovas Jezersko

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For part of D. grybauskaite participation in the presidential election!

of fresh air in politics

Lithuania lack of air: we see more and more parsidavusių politicians who do not serve us, the citizens, but the oligarch and their money.

You do not want to be lies, and bribes are based on the political system hostage. Pravėdinkime homes and įsileiskime fresh air - we need a clean, bold, wise and correct choices, which can only be a leader from outside the system. Independent, strong, capable and policy, and economic issues and is ready to take care of their particular country's citizens, and not the image or Oligarchy profits.

Such as Dalia Grybauskaite - a leader, you can rely on.
Gerb. Dalia, we invite you to talk - open the windows at the same time - please be our citizens of Lithuania, the leader and take part in presidential elections !!!


D. Grybauskaitė

Does anyone still believe that it will refuse to raise their own candidacy?

For nearly a year ago mirgėjo the title: "Presidential elections: Grybauskaite against Adamkus?", "Her only need to determine", etc. In order Grybauskaite begin the trek towards the post of president, in principle, should be very small - only for its own self-determination (Source:

Nowhere do I see the Article has lost a little negatively depicting D. Grybauskaite. Everywhere, from the positive side.
Is is it no surprise?
Why is it so loves žinesklaida?
Did she really the only real contenders?

EXPERIENCE, CRISIS, AND A. Brazauskas reverence

Finally, in 2009 we nebegirdime than the one who claimed that the crisis does not exist, or the crisis of our environment and it is in Nepal. Many recall how Kirkilas any time in the television screens in people Finally, in 2009 we nebegirdime than the one who claimed that the crisis does not exist, or the crisis of our environment and it is in Nepal. Many recall how Kirkilas any time in the television screens in people argued that the crisis is not any!
Today, many try to dig in - the opposition - silent - even if it betrūktų themselves to recognize the fear started to persuade others that the real crisis we outperformed.

O ištiktųjų gąsdindami each other at the terrible words, we forget that in this economic hole, all hollow. All of this means all the world, and this crisis is a global phenomenon. I think all understand that the global economy fell by no Kirkilas on the decisions taken.

How many earn the President? President of Lithuania, or the salary?

As the Lithuanian presidential election approaching, I think many conceived and how they earn LR President

Maybe the answer to this question will become clearer to us why so many people's way into these positions. What is it? Way to satisfy your ego? The aim of his autobiography to cut another line? (Candidate for President of the Republic of Lithuania - did not sound good?)

All have heard about NEEDS PIRAMIDĖ - rementis this theory Lithuania people making this post is :

• People seeking to meet their needs fizeologinius - mindless of the state, their goal of Lithuanian President taught salary

• People seeking to secure their own safety

• Browse incomes sufficient, secure financial stability for themselves and their children - in this case, the main purpose of self - need to be recognized, the desire to escape by any means

D. Grybauskaite gay? NO! I am not a lesbian

All the half-mouth spoke of a possible non-traditional Grybauskaité sexual orentaciją.

Total to start V. Žuko speech. O and the D. Grybauskaite often determined by the following sentences, which can be interpreted in different ways. On the other hand, if people hear what you wish to hear, not what they say?

All have heard the words during the press konferrencija "... I always was different , another school, another at work ........ "

We also remember the press made mention of friendship with another woman.
A number of intriguing and very high public interest ....

Finally, D. Grybauskaite organized Delfi conference responded to all the interesting questions.
When asked whether the Dalia Grybauskaite gay, it just pale replied that it is not a lesbian.

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